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2015 Alumni "Mini Cooper"

 was the last update

- When Necessary -

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Born March 25, 2015
Sired by Arturo Lamborghini
Molly Mae Offspring

Barney (red tabby)

Born April 5, 2015
Sired by Arturo Lamborghini
Cleopatra Selen Offspring

Nougat (flame point)


Born April 14, 2015
Sired by Arturo Lamborghini
Maggie Mae Offspring

Asia (Torbie)

"Hoshi Sato"
Born 11-28-13
Very sweet likes to be held and cuddled !

Hoshi had one liter with complications
she was spay at that time, now completely recovered
her kittens are about 3 weeks old
she will need to stay with us for at least 2 more weeks
posted 5-17-15  

Sired by Sun Bud Lite - Suni Bean offspring



" The Dude "
Born 11-28-13

Has been spay, he is a very sweet boy that loves people
at 15 months old he has not developed bad habits
he loves to cuddle and run !
call if you have questions



 For Questions & Pricing Information
Call 336-877-2248 or E-mail



Welcome to Kurakats
- Established 2010 -

- Look for Retirees below, near bottom -
(when Available)

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Jelly Bean offspring  2012 Alumni - Solid White (female) - #52 "Calypso"
"Calypso" - 2012 Alumni -

Videos of Kurakats
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Lovey Kats


 Roy 2012 Alumni
"Roy" - 2012 Alumni

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Our retirees are about 5 years old, the price is based
on the kats age and the right forever home.
in most cases we include the spay/neuter, 
these kats love people !
If you want one of these beautiful Devon Rex kats
do not wait, reserve now to be ready
call 336-877- 2248

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Cattery Pride !



Cattery Supervision &
Inspections by
Jamie Hampton DVM.

jamie.jpg seal1.jpg


"Robert & Lisa's tireless work is the 
exceptional cattery to the rule,
once again immaculate environment and happy kats"

Supervising Veterinarian
Jamie Hampton D.V.M. - 2014
"Kurakats animals are very well fed,
the facility is one of the cleanest I've ever seen"
Supervising Veterinarian
Jamie Hampton D.V.M. - 2013

"Kurakats maintains the highest
standards of care and cleanliness"
Supervising Veterinarian
Jamie Hampton D.V.M. - 2012


Certified by Jamie Hampton, DVM. to be a Cattery of Excellence.

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