Available Kitten list as of now

If Kitten# starts with “M” Kitten is a male
Kittens also have a nickname
(Hold) means deposit pending

*Cream kittens will develop
variations of pointed...
Seal, Lynx, Torti or Flame point

*Mother's Photo on Queens Page
*Father's Photo on Sires Page

Mother is Yuki Onna
Father is Arturo Lamborghini
Born September 26
Can go home January 2

M18Y 85 Woodrow/lynx point
18Y86 Lorena/lynx point
Mother is Jenny Jenny
Father Enzo Ferrari
Born September 26
Can go home January 2

M18JJ89 Steven/lynx point
18JJ91 Donna/lynx point
Mother is September Moon
Father is Arturo Lamborghini
Born October 11
Can go home after January 17

M18E92 Sergey/red mctabby
18E94 Katia/torbie
18E95 Marina/seal point





Cypress and Enzo

Now that you’ve made your decision, please send an email to,
Just to recap, kittens are $1000 add 10% to cover state and federal taxes, most clients pay 50% deposit with balance due upon receipt
We will “reply” to your email with Kurakats sales agreement, we used “word” to generate the document
Read Kurakats Sales Agreement, fill it out and send it back to us😃 make deposit to adopt kittens, most of our clients like PayPal or Zelle
Once these two steps have been completed your kitten will be reserved, we will take good care of your kitten until ready to go home
remind me every couple weeks, I will get you new photographs, feel free to call me if you would like to talk😊


 Steven/Lynx Pointed                 

 Donna/Lynx Pointed                 



 Marina/Seal Point  


Sergey/Red McTabby