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"Cali" - 2014 Alumni

Kurakats is a Professional Cattery
our price is based on market value

There are many factors to explain the cost of our Devon Rex kittens 

here are just a few. Supply and demand is number one
there are only about 30 Devon Rex Breeders in The United States
some are hobby breeders which produce only a few kittens each year
and a very few like Kurakats are professional full time breeders.
For up to16 weeks it is expensive to care for a kitten, a clean healthy environment,
socializing, food, supplements, grooming, and vaccinations.
You should also know The Cat Fanciers Association “Cattery of Excellence” certificate
demands impeccable standards

Kittens are $1000 Dollars each
Add 10% for State and Federal taxes

Kittens are registrable with The Cat Fanciers Association

they are sold with a Sales Agreement/Contract, including a Health Guarantee
We accept several types of payment, "wire transfer", "check", "money order"

and "Paypal" which requires a 3% service fee 
or you may send payment thru Paypal as a gift at no additional charge.
also a 10 week payment plan can be set up 

A 50% deposit is required to reserve kittens
with the balance due before transfer of kitten
 half of deposit may be non-refundable used to care for kitten
To insure a healthy kitten
we include a minimum 2 vaccines, de-worming 
 and a veterinarian visit with a Receipt of Good Health

Kitten good health is guaranteed!

Keeping in the spirit of the "Animal Welfare Act (November 2013)"
Kurakats will not ship air cargo, you have the option
to set up your own transport or "Kurakats Delivers" in the Contiguous United States. 
most Shipping cost is $550 East Coast, $650 Heartland and $750 West Coast (this trip can take up to 30 hours).
To insure delivery quote we must book airline a minimum 21 days in advance
All transport fees will be due pryor to flight booking

*Shipping out of The United States is unique, but not impossible, call for estimate.

"Liam" - 2015 Alumni