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"Mouse" 2015 Alumni

Previously Lisa's career was in accounting most recently working in management, 15 years for Hobart Corporation.
Robert's career was in advertising including graphic design most recently working in web design and hosting (Kurakats.com)
coming from a professional back ground helps them organize a professional cattery.   

Holding Kurakats to an unreasonable standard is just wrong.

Kurakats aspires to perfection including perfect kittens, unfortunately kittens are Mammals and in the real world there is no such thing.
We opened 3/1/10 as of 8/20/17 Kurakats has placed over 600 happy healthy kittens, we go above and beyond
with regard to customer service and in the pursuit of quality care and wellbeing of our Kats, exhausting research
to have as much understanding to better care for them, spare no expense including proactive Veterinary care
Veterinary advice and supervision by Jamie Hampton DVM., spacious 4'x4'x8' apartments,
nutritional supplements and some of the best food money can buy.

A little perspective and a tough fact, for every 1000 HUMAN BABIES born 6 will die their first year
it’s a fact of life and the best medical facilities in the world can’t change it.

Kurakats believe in The Golden Rule, do unto others as you would have done to you, we understand the difficulty in pleasing every individual.

As you read on you should know Kurakats does accept returns and would not force anyone to keep a less than perfect kitten
all money that comes into the cattery goes immediately to care for our kittens
for that reason we ask our clients wait up to 90 days for a deposit refund though some have been returned within hours.

Four (4) former clients have posted complaints on the internet.

* One backed out and received their full refund.

* One, unfortunately kitty died from FIP, without any threats they received a full refund,
Kurakats has had 5 FIP out of 480 healthy kittens
(well below any reasonable standard )
all clients were either refunded or kitten replaced.

* One was a Veterinarian who infected their new kitten with a virus
He did not get a refund as a result the doctor has placed at least 3 complaints under different names.

* One claiming Herpes, Kurakats has tested negative for herpes, through a series of payments this client recieved 100% refund
even though they will continue to enjoy kitty for years to come.

Kurakats is confident in our program and in the fact we do everything humanly possible
to ensure all our kittens are happy and healthy.

VP in Charge
Robert L. Seay 

"Birtrade De Montfort"
2014 Alumni