Located in Fleetwood, NC. 28626 is a
Full Time Professional Breeder where kittens are Bred and Raised by us
365 days a year 24 hours a day,
we consider ourselves similar to
a professional zoo,
breeding exotic Kats is a challenge
be assured we do everything humanly possible to keep our Kats safe and healthy, we spare no expense and insure there is never overcrowding thus reducing stress, we have ample room in Kurakats 4 divisions with 4 litters maximum each.
The Kitten Room, Room One, Room Two and The Cottage
Each area has been designed with independent apartments
We have a video monitoring system to supervise their daily activity,
Lisa and Robb play with the kittens everyday so they all make
loving companions.

About Us

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the Begining, our first Devon Rex pet "Ramses Seti I" arrived in 2004 we enjoyed him so much
in 2010 we decided to open our own cattery for Devon Rex Kats to share them with others
They are such a unique breed in so many ways, you can't help but give them the love they crave 
Their coats come in most prints and colors, Devons do not shed ! This next part is important
They are very people oriented, like man's best friend the dog, Devons will help you with whatever
you may be doing, we highly recommend they if won't have an animal friend already in your home
consider adopting two kittens while shopping at Kurakats, here is why.
Devons are very active and playful, being home alone just isn't very much fun :(