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 After you make your decision and we start the adoption process, please send an email to,
We will “reply” to your email with Kurakats Sales Agreement, we used “word” to generate the document
(1) Read Kurakats Sales Agreement, fill it out and send it back to us, (2) make deposit to adopt kittens, most of our clients like ApplePay or Zelle
Once these two steps have been completed your kitten will be reserved😃Just to recap, kittens are $1400, most clients pay 50% deposit
with balance due upon receipt, we will take good care of your kitten until ready to go home

I can get you a new photograph upon request, feel free to schedule a conference if you would like to talk😊







Text first with your name
and we'll schedual phone call
with Robb


We have temporarily suspended our National Transport Service

Hello from Kurakats.

Thanks to all our patrons that have made Kurakats very popular, while it is true
we are the largest supplier of Fine Devon Rex Kittens in The United States, we only
adopt an "average" of two kittens a week !

Clents Adopting 2 Kittens Will Get Priorty

*Fairness is a priority

(1) - Legacy clients
*Position determined by first contact !
(return customers) we are loyal to our Kurakat family, they will be given priority

(2) - 50 bucks you’re in !
*Position determined by first contact !
To get on “The List” You will need to pay a non-refundable $50 pre-deposit, these Dollars
will go towards your new Kurakat, your name and state will be posted here...
After paying $50, be sure your name is on the list, If it's not there, TEXT me !

As kittens become available, it up to YOU to pursue adoption !
As Clients come off “The List” more will be added so you can see our progress
The amount of people on the list will be limited to number MMS allows !

"The List"
Will help me identify serious clients. Your overwhelming support proves
Kurakats is a legitimate breeder, we are committed to professionalism. Intent on providing
"The Best Companions On The Planet"

Please, if you find another breeder, be very careful  !
Do not give your dollars freely

check their online footprint carefully, there are a lot of scams for pet adoption

Thank you for contacting Kurakats,  VP in Charge,  Robert L. Seay
Purveyors of Fine Devon Rex Kittens  Since 2010


HOLD for
Rachel C

The List


Nikki S. in NC

   Qi G. in NY. (M) Blue Eyes)1
   Vera Y. in GA 
   Elizabeth W. in VA
Yasmin A. in MD. (F) pointed)1
Jennifer R. in OR

Kathleen M. in MA
Danny F. in WA
 Linxi W. in OR
 Maka M. in NY
Megan S. in KY
Jon E. in
   Jon & Judith in CT
       Nathalie H. in GA
Ben S. in NC 

We are very Sorry, at this point we cannot add any one else to the list
 It is true Kurakats is the largest supplier of Fine Devon Rex kitten in
The United States of America but we only adopt an average of (2) two kittens a week. With many hopeful parants on "The List" waiting for their kitten
some may pass on their chance instead waiting for their ideal Kurakat in a later pick, this could give ANYONE a chance to find their new best friend
watch this page daily for a surprise opportunity

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Autumn Moon is super sweet ! she craves human companionship
very well behaved and mild temperment
her Mother is Inara Moon and Father is Arturo Lamborghini
she was born September 2019

Ready For Adoption

We value every cliant and sincerely do not want anybody to misinterpret
non-response via text. Please be patient, all information is listed above
We want to provide everyone that wants a Kurakat with their new best friend.
Be aware there is always a chance others (The List) will pass on kittens
which will make them available to EVERYBODY :)
MORE kittens will be available soon !
keep an eye on "Available Kitten" page end of June


Awesome Kurakat

Last Update: Tuesday, July 5th. 2022


Not Available

Kemiko Kasai